We're All One Family in Jesus

We may not all look or talk the same.

We come from many different lands.

But we're all united by Jesus our Lord,

The one who truly cares and understands.

We try to become more like Him each day.

He's the role model who heals and loves.

He teaches us to love God with all our heart

And to love our neighbor as ourselves.

How then can we be divided

When Jesus unites us to be as one?

Being one with Him is our common goal

As is our principle that God's will be done.

So with God as our heavenly Father

His children all are we.

We will all be brothers and sisters;

All one united loving family.

So to all mothers and all fathers,

To all daughters and all sons,

Let us put any differences behind us

And love and live together as one.

Richard Cerruti -- May 20, 2017