What is Wrong with the World?

What Went Wrong?

Here is a simple explanation of what went wrong.

God created Lucifer as an angel (Hebrews 1 explains in detail on "angels"). Lucifer means "Shining One", and he had great wisdom and shined brightly. But his smartness got the better of him, and Lucifer decided he wanted to be like God. He lost his place, that of an angel, and challenged his Creator.

Adam and Eve were God's creations, made in God's image as His children. Children are not supposed to rebel against their parents. The created beings are supposed to praise and glorify their Creator. Instead, Adam and Eve were tempted by Lucifer to challenge their Creator and disobeyed, wanting to "be like God." (Genesis 3:5). They too forgot their place.

Adam and Eve became the seeds that brought forth generations of people who also lost their place, and those who don't even know their place. A great population of prideful people emerged, wanting to live by their own strength and knowledge. Many have turned away from the Creator, not even acknowledging or thanking Him.(Romans 1:21). This led to all kinds of sin. 

Like an illness, sin spread rampantly and darkness shadowed this world. Mankind was on a slow train headed towards death.

But God had a plan to fix all this, and sent a Savior.

Jesus showed us how to get back into place. The Son of God came in human form to show us exactly how to be the true children of our heavenly Father. When we follow Jesus, one by one, we can finally recover our place and this world can go back to what it's supposed to be: a paradise where mankind and God walk and talk together in beautiful fellowship.

Don't forget your place. You are a precious child of God that needs a heavenly Father. Grow closer to him by learning the Bible.

By TalkAmen Staff