5 Ways to Pray for Your Future Spouse

We all have a longing to love and be loved, and that is because God created us this way! The most important and satisfying love is when our relationship with our Creator is solid.

While some people are blessed with the gift of singleness (think Apostle Paul), many are waiting to find and marry "the special one" to spend the rest of their lives with.

Because marriage, and who you end up marrying, is a very serious life decision, it's important to put it into God's hands. He will surely take care of you.

At times, the wait could be frustrating. But preparing by praying for your future spouse is the best thing you can do as you continue to strengthen your own relationship with the Lord.

Here are five ways to pray for your future spouse:

1. Pray for his/her relationship with God, that he/she knows how to put God and His Word first in all areas of life.

2. Pray for his/her spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health. In marriage, you will be needing each other's support in these areas to go through the ups and downs of life.

3. Pray for the restoration of his/her past life and sins, and that the marriage starts off with Christ and the Word as the foundation.

4. Pray for his/her career path, that whatever he/she chooses will be the field where he/she could be best used TOGETHER with you by God.

5. Pray for discernment. The devil will not cease to try to destroy your marriage with temptations and deceptions. When one is filled with biblical wisdom and learns to recognize and discern them, you can gain victory in life! Pray that your future spouse is prepared to put on the full armor of Christ (Ephesians 6:10-20).

May God bless you and build your faith during this waiting season. And don't forget to pray these topics for yourself as well! For there is nothing more beautiful and attractive about a person who is first deeply in love with God.

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